Why It’s So Tricky To Get Started On Anything That’s Not Interesting

With ADHD, your genetic wiring makes it challenging to . . . keep on track . . . get started . . . and stay focused . . with your studies, projects, readings, writing assignments, quizzes and tests, especially when you’re NOT IN THE MOOD OR INTERESTED in the task. Balancing your school work, friendships, and family relationships can get OUT OF SYNC quickly.

I’m talking about your Executive Functioning Skills, which are those mental skills that allow you to focus, organize, prioritize, manage and monitor, and remember. Because these mental skills are underdeveloped, you will need to use strategies to keep yourself on track. For instance, use an agenda for the weekly assignments and a calendar for the projects, papers, tests. And then, cross out the tasks you’ve done.

Take a quick look at the research and support:  A New Lens for Viewing Executive Functioning Skills,   5 Common Myths About Executive Functioning Issues,   Harvard University on Executive Functioning Skills & Self-Regulation