Jan became part of our family “team” when my daughter began experiencing anxiety due to difficulties with time management and a heavy academic workload. Jan met with my daughter, my husband and me, and my daughter’s counselor to understand the situation, and to determine where to focus. She then taught and emphasized appropriate work habits and organizational skills with the goals to reduce stress and promote self-confidence. Jan taught my daughter techniques for addressing her workload that included preparing for tests, organizing her task calendar, and prepping/writing papers. Jan was a constant ray of encouragement for my child. Although my daughter is still in high school, the “team” jointly decided that she has grown and developed in such a positive way that she officially “graduated” from Jan’s coaching this year. In my playbook, I call that success! Thank you, Jan!
Charlotte Latin School Parent

Jan Gapper started her partnership with our son just before he entered 11th grade one year ago. Jan was exactly what we were looking for in a tutor and she is much more than what are son expected! Though he was resistant at first, once he realized that Jan’s services were something we were offering him,  and not something that we were requiring him to make use of, he took ownership of the relationship and began working with her on what he felt he most needed (in his case, organization and planning). I make two important points here. First, Jan works in partnership. She leads our son in a way that allows him to take ownership of his work and of their relationship. We do our best to not get in the way! Second, our son has blossomed under her care because he sees her as someone that can make his life easier and his goals more attainable. His early-on skepticism soon gave way to a new and positive attitude, new study skills that are all the while improving, and a new personal relationship with Jan that in the long run has reduced his anxiety, improved his organizational skills and school readiness. We see our son with new, higher academic goals that he has set for himself. His boost in self confidence is obvious. What I appreciate most, and I recognize that every situation is different, is that with Jan’s help, we, as parents, are able to focus on our child as a whole, knowing that he is responsible for his own grades and performance but that we have given him access to the tools necessary to accept this responsibility. This independence is exactly what he needs in high school and what he will need even more of in college.  That Jan truly enjoys working with our son is evident by the way they interact and from her genuine enthusiasm for his success.

Charlotte Country Day School Parents


Jan Gapper has worked with our son for the last three years. In 9th grade she helped him adjust to the rigorous Country Day Upper School curriculum and schedule. She continues to work with him to develop the time management skills necessary to stay on top of everyday assignments while thoroughly completing longer term projects and balancing numerous extracurricular activities. Her guidance and structure are particularly invaluable during the research process. Jan continues to be a positive force in our son’s growth and development as a responsible and successful student.

Charlotte Country Day School Parents


“Jan has been a great addition to our family in so many ways. She has an extraordinary understanding of different learning styles and works diligently to match each child’s needs with the right organizational or academic tools. As a parent, I rely on her to counsel me on the best way to support my children’s academic needs, including when to intervene and when stay away! Thanks to Jan my children have the organizational skills and academic “chops” they need to succeed in high school and college.”

Sandra Conway, Parent
Myers Park High School
Wake Forest


Jan has worked with our son throughout his high school experience. She has been invaluable in helping him with time management and organization skills. He has grown in confidence and learned how to be a better advocate for himself in the classroom using the skills and strategies Jan teaches.

He recently passed a test, earning a perfect score by using websites Jan shared with him to create his own quizzes and working throughout the semester preparing and building his knowledge for this big test. This type of academic success has given our son great confidence and helped to build the skill set he will need to be prepared for college.

Jan has been a champion of our son and provided guidance and support that are impossible to receive in an academic setting with large class size. Jan has contributed profoundly to our son’s high school success and we are tremendously grateful to have her on our team.

Myers Park High School Parents
Charlotte, NC



Jan was an academic coach and tutor to my two sons during their high school years. She was practical, knowledgeable, effective and always positive with them. She taught my sons study skills and general organizational skills. Of great help to me, was the time I spent with Jan. From her I learned how to help them in ways that allowed them to become self-sufficient. They are now both graduates of selective colleges. During their college years they were successful academically and they received no further tutoring. I would recommend Jan without hesitation.

Kay Norris, Parent
Charlotte Country Day School
Charlotte, NC



Jan understands what my children need to succeed in high school and college and she provides it. She provides the missing link that is lacking in public schools due to over crowding and teacher shortage (due to budget cuts). I wouldn’t consider public school with out her added support for our children. I am confident that with her support, my children will be accepted by and be ready for a great university.

Anne Schmitt, Parent
Myers Park High School
Charlotte, NC


After year’s of searching for the right solution to my daughter’s academic problems, I found Jan Gapper. Jan’s impact on our family’s life can not be measured. Her expertise as an educator, her character and personality as a teacher turned around the risky path we were on. I wish that every child who struggles finds a resource like Jan Gapper. We have learned how to navigate the educational waters and do the best we can to give our daughter a good education and foundation for life.”

Regina Taylor, Parent
The Fletcher School
Charlotte, NC

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Jan Gapper, M.Ed., to you. Jan is passionate about learning and is knowledgeable in techniques and skills that will enhance any learning style and ability. The strategies that she teaches are tailored to each individual’s needs in order to achieve maximum benefits.

When my daughter was in high school, she began to receive tutoring from Mrs. Gapper in an effort to enable her to work through learning issues that stemmed from Attention Deficit Disorder and a processing disorder. She was very bright but needed help with school assignments. Jan worked diligently with my child, getting to know her and her learning style and issues. Jan taught my daughter techniques that enabled her to successfully comprehend and complete assignments. Working with Mrs. Gapper transformed my child’s study habits and organization skills, and my daughter’s ability to comprehend and to retrieve information skyrocketed. She sums up Jan’s help with the following:

“I was unorganized in my notes, binder, and everything. Mrs. Gapper helped me get it together. She helped with word transitions in writing and taught me to brainstorm and organize my thoughts instead of jumping into a paper blindly. She did not tell me what to write but helped me figure out how to decide on my own, and she was flexible about what we worked on…depending on my needs. She taught me ways to annotate my books so that I would finally remember and comprehend what I read. Mrs. Gapper genuinely cared about me and my work.”

We are so grateful for Mrs. Gapper’s help and expertise and highly recommend her.

Charlotte Latin School Parents
Charlotte, NC



“Jan has an excellent reputation as an educator. She has a unique way of blending the professionalism that parents respect with the enthusiasm that kids love. Jan has high expectations for her students, and they reach them. I highly recommend Jan Gapper!”

Michelle Icard, CEO and Founder
Cognition House