Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Academic coaching involves the active process of engaging the student and directing his or her awareness towards the learning process. The ultimate goal of academic coaching is to support the student’s journey towards independent academic skills and success.

While all students benefit from guidance and support, those with learning differences and academic challenges—learning disabilities, ADHD, or high ability underachievers—need direct instruction on the “how-to” with an advocate they trust and respect. Students engaged in the process learn to set achievable academic goals, follow a homework and study routine, and plan ahead. During the sessions, we plan for projects and papers, address writing assignments, and put study skills into practice using current assignments.

My primary role is to build the student’s study skills and writing and reading strategies and reinforce the use of positive academic habits. I meet with students regularly, once or twice a week during the school term, and stay in contact through scheduled phone check-ins and texts as needed.