About Jan


Hello! I’m glad you checked in! I hope you’ll find these resources helpful on your journey as a student, parent, or educator.

I offer academic coaching sessions to middle and high school students and rising college freshmen who want to learn how to manage their time, materials, and ideas. Special attention is paid to showing the student how keep track of daily work and manage long term assignments. Together, we use current classroom reading and writing assignments to build reading comprehension, note taking and writing skills. I focus on helping students learn how to study effectively and use their time efficiently.

Weekly hour long private sessions are held throughout the fall and spring school terms. Individualized summer writing intensive sessions begin as early as mid June. I meet with students living in the southeast Charlotte metropolitan area in their homes or in my study. I Skype with students, too.

Remaining a life-long student keeps me honest and empathetic to the learning process. I know that academic coaching helps students to gain the skills and confidence to work successfully and independently. Please feel free to contact me.

Jan Gapper