Summer 2018 Study Skills: How to Make a Smooth Transition into High School

Students, are you excited but nervous about high school, wondering if you’ll be able to keep up with the studies and assignments? I have found that most middle school students rely on their teacher’s prompts to get prepared for a quiz or test. Consequently, their study practice involves cramming techniques. Cramming may work for you in middle school, but high school studies require more preparation.

I’ve designed three sessions that I know will help you prepare for a smoother transition. We’ll breakdown what true study skills look like and examine how to plan ahead. The goal is to equip you with academic tools that will work.

Part One:  “Beyond Quizlet – user friendly study skills and notetaking strategies

Part Two: “My time, My Work, My Plans” – the magic of the “to do” list,  a homework schedule, and the calendar

Part Three:  “What’s MLA Anyway?” and “Grammar You Gotta’ Know” –  3 key sentence patterns and where to put those rascally commas and quotation marks with the basics on how to use the MLA format

Session length: 1.25 hours. Sessions offered from June 19 – August 16.

Recommendations for parents: Schedule the 3 sessions close together, in the same week if possible. Contact me to reserve a spot.