No Need to Race or Cram – Your Best Study Practice Comes in Small Chunks

Are you exhausted, tired of your school work?

Educator, writer, and engineer, Barbara Oakley, Ph.D., says that “your brain is like a muscle—it can handle only a limited amount of exercise on one subject at a time.”

Don’t be fooled, thinking that you can race through your notes, power point slides, textbook pages and be ready for a test. If you want to understand how to learn, be sure to listen to all of Dr. Oakley’s TED talk.

Pay special attention to her description of diffuse thinking, procrastination, focused attention, and relaxation. It will help you to understand how our minds work and learn. Notice what she says about students with limited working memory and slower thinking – brilliant! And notice what she says about exercise! Begin to shift how you approach your studies and enjoy the payoff! Take a careful look at the 10 Rules of Studying that will revolutionize your study approaches.