Preparing for Your 504 Plan or Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) Meeting

Smiling student studying

If you have ADHD or another learning disability, your learning challenges may mean that you may need classroom accommodations to support your academic success. Here are a few links to help you understand the 504/IEP process, your role, and the types of accommodations to request.

While you may need other accommodations, I believe these five accommodations are most helpful. Be sure to request and include them in your 504 Plan or IEP Plan:

  1. Seating arranged near the instructor
  2. Extended time on tests and quizzes (use this)
  3. Answers to be written directly on the test or quiz (no scantron sheets)
  4. Copy of the unit’s study guide at the beginning of the unit (rather than a few days before the test)
  5. Set of textbooks to use at home

Remember, you must use extended time on tests during your high school years in order to request and receive extended time on your SAT and ACT tests.

Be prepared for your meeting. Discuss your challenges with your parents. Make notes about the key issues and accommodations you believe would be key to your success. Listen carefully in the meeting. Be sure to thank each person at the end of the meeting.

A helpful way to get prepared is to be organized. Keep a notebook that includes sections for your current accommodations, assessments, and notes and letters between you and your teachers and counselors. Take the notebook with you to the meetings. You’ll be able to find your papers easily.

Lastly, I strongly recommend that you talk with each teacher about your desire to do well in your course work. Make sure to attend help sessions. Definitely let your teacher know that you appreciate the extra effort he or she takes to accommodate your learning needs and success.