The Calendar: A Reliable Way to Limit Those Late Night, Last Minute Deadline Rushes

As a high school or college student, you’ll need to keep track of test dates, project and paper due dates, holidays, and your own personal plans (this might be an important game day, a trip, study group meeting, or personal commitment). Most students think that they can stay on top of due dates by using their agenda or weekly planner. Some students use Smart phone reminders to sent out an alert (good to do).

But, due dates have a way of roaring up, causing a mad rush to meet the deadline. Sound familiar? If you find that you typically have trouble with deadlines, a wall calendar can put you in charge of your time.

Here’s how to make the calendar work for you:

  • Post deadlines on the calendar and then choose earlier deadlines that makes that week (and weekend) more manageable.
  • Post your personal plans, too. This step will help you to be realistic about your time.
  • Determine what you need to do and the time you’d like to give yourself to complete each part. Put these details on the calendar and in your agenda or on your “to do” list.
  • Review your progress often and update your calendar with any changes.
  • Give yourself at least 1-2 days to make final edits.

I like this easy to post dry erase Wall Pops calendar (cheapest prices seem to be on Amazon), but you may prefer a paper calendar (write in pencil). Some students post two months side by side to keep on track. Keep the calendar on a wall that you see every day. Update your calendar often. Now, you’re in charge of your time!