Jump into Your Biology Notes ASAP

A big fat exam study guide can help you to know what to study now! Take advantage of  your teacher’s postings and check out Biology teacher Ms Pittinaro’s EOC review to help you study for your current units. You’ll prevent yourself from cramming, and you’ll be ready for the mid-term and final exams.

Test yourself often:  Biology I Practice QuizzesTextbook Chapter Quizzes, and Mendel’s Genetics Quiz.

You will need to know the organelles and their functions:  Cells alive! and Plant and Animal Cells are great practice sites. Remember to learn the Eukaryote Cell Cycles and DNA Replication.

Need to hear it again? Saul Khan of Khan Academy and Paul Anderson of Bozeman Science explain concepts.

North Carolina students, take advantage of these practice tests: Biology exam 2015 (60 questions w/answers) and Biology exam 2009 (60 questions w/answers).