Earth & Environmental Studies Practice Exams

Begin your study plan with the first unit! That’s right! If your teacher posts the final exam study guide early, use those questions to guide your unit studies. Learn the vocabulary, concepts, processes, causes and effects. While studying for your final exam at the start of the semester may seem odd, it is a great way to stay organized and avoid cramming.

Need to hear it again?  Saul Khan of Khan Academy and Paul Anderson of Bozeman Science explain concepts.

Two weeks before the mid term and final exam, study the units you are the least familiar with first. Remember to repeat your studies over several days so that your understanding deepens. Beware of learning just the vocabulary. Be sure to understand processes and cycles. Check your teacher’s posted resources, too.

Test yourself:  North Carolina students take advantage of these practice tests: Practice Exam 2014 (19 questions w/answers) and Practice Exam 2015 (24 questions w/answers). This Assessment Guide allows you to review the objective and a question with the answer.