Civics & Economics Final Exam Studies

True studying isn’t cramming or spending long afternoons gorging on study guides and quizlets just before an exam. Rather, true study is accomplished in layers, with lots of recall and quizzing. I hope you’ll find these resources helpful as you prepare for the exam. Map out your study plan on a calendar. It helps to divide the material over a week or two.

Test yourself: NC Final Exam 2014 (10 M/C questions w/answers) and NC Final Exam 2009 (80 M/C questions w/answers) and NC State and Local Government Sample Test (28 questions w/answers). My students have found some of these same questions on the final exam.

Review Study Guides: Best Civics & Economics Study Guide (51 pages) or Civics and Economics Full Study Guide or Civics & Economics Review Study Sheet.  Use these guides to help you practice recalling the details. Remember, you must recall (write and speak outloud) without looking.

Check out teacher resources: Mr. Caggia’s resources and Ms. Goudes Helpful Websites – scroll down to find the vocabulary flashcards.

Enjoy the process!