Biology Exam Study Review

Studying for your biology exam requires drawing and rehearsing patterns and sequences. Study the units you are the least familiar with first. Remember to repeat your studies over several days so that your understanding deepens. Beware of learning just the vocabulary. Be sure to understand processes and cycles. Check your teacher’s posted resources, too.

Look and listen and practice: Saul Khan of Khan Academy and Paul Anderson of Bozeman Science explain concepts. You will need to know the organelles and their function. Cells alive! and Plant and Animal Cells are great practice sites. Remember to learn the Eukaryote Cell Cycles and DNA Replication.

Test yourself:  Biology I Practice QuizzesTextbook Chapter Quizzes, and Mendel’s Genetics Quiz. North Carolina students take advantage of these practice tests: Biology exam 2015 (60 questions w/answers) and Biology exam 2009 (60 questions w/answers). Study the concepts you missed.

Enjoy studying!