Making Your Desk Home Base – Supply List Included

When I meet with students, I check out their work space first. Why? Because a student’s work space is the place to find important papers and reminders and supplies.

Remember, YOUR DESK is your home base. It might be the dining room table, the kitchen counter, or a table in your room. If you use your desk for a hobby, then choose another space where you can spread out. If you study in another spot, always come back to your home base.

Make your space work for you:

1 – Hang a calendar where you can post your tests and projects. Update each week. Bulletin boards work well for a calendar and rubrics.

2 – Use a jar or mug for pencils, pens, and a few markers. Keep extra supplies close by.

3 – Drop those old papers in a hanging file folder just in case you need them later.

4 – Let your bed serve as another table. A place to spread out your notebooks and file new papers. Definitely file on the weekend.

5 – Keep your whiteboard and markers close for studying and reteaching yourself the material.