A Few Suggestions for Your Summer Studies

Ahhh! Summer vacation! Students, I hope you have an interesting summer planned with plenty of time to enjoy nature, music, and adventures with friends and family. Please be sure to keep your academic skills sharp, too!

Some summer days you’ll be too busy to tackle the practice, so practice a few times each week. Make it short and sweet. Use a timer like 30/30. I believe in the 10+ minute guide – get started by working for 10 minutes on each of the skills below.

There’s always “grammar you’ve gotta’ know,” so have some fun with it at Chomp Chomp. Follow the examples and then take the quizzes. Be sure to teach yourself how to punctuate using a semicolon (;) and a colon (:).

Reading is the best way to build your working vocabulary. I like Free Rice. It’s great for every member of the family. Start growing your vocabulary level and contributing to the World Food Programme.

Learn the U.S. states, continents, countries, oceans, and seas this summer.  Lizard Point and Sheppard Software offer immediate practice and feedback.